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  • X (S.S.C)
  • X (I.C.S.E)
  • IX (S.S.C)
  • IX (I.C.S.E)
  • XI (PCM/PCB)
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Arundhati-X STD

Jagannath Tutorials has a good education environment, and I love the lifestyle. At Jagannath Tutorials the staff support me very well, the teachers are kind and funny, and I’m learning a lot.

Mayank Gaggar-X STD

"Staff at Jagannath Tutorials are very supportive and friendly. They are like our family. Jagannath Tutorials is one of the best, sorry THE BEST, Coaching Classes in Mumbai."

Pranav Patil-X STD

"I am really thankful for the knowledge the teachers have shared, and for all the opportunities to learn new things. It is a huge experience for my life."

Neeraj Hemmady-X STD

"Jagannath Tutorials has a wonderful environment to live in. I love the open and honest attitude that people have here. I love how Jagannath Tutorials helps new students build a new network of friends and how they help us understand and adjust to the Enviroment"

About Us

Jagannath Tutorials is an institute that is focused on creating an excellence in the field of is an institute focused on helping scholars as well as weak students to achieve their goal.

Jagannath Tutorials (well known as noble classes)came into existence in 1992 which was founded by prof. Yangaldas Jagannath and the group of like minded teachers decided to join the hands and start the institution.this coaching institute which gives quality teaching to the students of suburbs areas like Saki Naka, Andheri, Pareira Wadi etc. and which was done by making students realize their goal & potential.

They have also successfully completed 27 years in the profession of also Jagannath Tutorials continue in giving excellence in education for the students of various fields the world of Jagannath Tutorials is placed where quality.excellence and success resides for the students. they have world-class faculty members who are very much accessible to the student for clearing there doubt & difficulties the faculty of over 15 professors comprises a veritable mix of experienced & excellence.

Jagannath Tutorials thus provides the right environment for getting the knowledge & academic excellency.